Dovedale & Milldale: 5 Miles Easy

Thorpe - Stepping Stones - Thorpe Cloud - Lovers Leap - Tissington Spires - Reynards Cave - Lions Head Rock - Ilam Rock - Pickering Tor - Dove Holes - Ravens Tor - Milldale

This is a linear there and back walk starting at the main car park at Thorpe.

Follow the path on the Staffordshire side of the River Dove, if the water level looks high it may be advisable to cross the river at the footbridge and walk beneath Thorpe Cloud to the stepping stones.

If the river level is normal follow the tarmac path to the stepping stones cross the river and continue along on the Derbyshire side of the Dove. There are no route finding problems the path continues along the river until reaching Milldale. At Milldale you can obtain refreshments at Polly's Cottage before retracing your steps back to Thorpe.

Dovedale & Milldale Map

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River Dove, Dovedale

Thorpe Cloud

The Stepping Stones

Waterfall on the Dove

A Field of Buttercups

Looking towards Lin Dale

Rocky Tor

Reynard's Arch

A Shallow Cave

Lion's Head Rock

Pickering Tor

Footbridge Spanning the Dove

Ilam Rock

Twisted Branches

Wild Garlic, Allium Ursinum

Dove Holes

Hawthorn Tree

Below Ravens Tor

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