Robin Hood's Stride & Rowtor Rocks: 5 Miles  Moderate

Elton - Portway - Bradley Rocks - Rowtor Rocks - Birchover - Hermit's Cave - Cratcliff Tor - Robin Hood's Stride (Mock Beggars Hall) - Harthill Moor - Limestone Way - Elton

Beware! This walk may not be suitable for young children, there are steep unfenced drops on both Rowtor Rocks and Robin Hood's Stride. I would advise everyone to take care!

From Elton go through the church yard and follow the way marked path to a minor road. Turn left down the road and after passing a cottage turn right through a driveway across a field and onto the main road.

Go straight over the road onto another driveway and pick up the path that first crosses a small stream then heads up the hill to a wood. Turn right here keeping the wood on your left. At the end of the wood just past Bradley Rocks turn left down a wide track, bear right passing the vicarage and into Birchover. Access to Rowtor Rocks is through the garden of the Druids Inn.

Image produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service. Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.

 Retrace your steps down the track past the vicarage keep to the right of the wood and follow the track round to the left. Go over a stile and descend to the main road, cross the road and follow the path towards Cratcliff Tor.  Go over a stile and follow the path through the wood to the Hermit's Cave. Make your way to the top of Cratcliff Tor.

Follow the path above the woods and onto Robin Hood's Stride. Cross Harthill Moor along the Limestone Way to the entrance of Harthill Moor Farm. Turn right down the lane and left into a wood.  Follow the path through the wood to a stile. Bear right over a field to another stile, turn left here and follow the way marked path back to Elton.

Cottages in Elton

Looking towards Robin Hood's Stride

Looking towards Bradley Rocks

Bluebells near Birchover Wood


The Red Lion, Birchover

Northern Canopy, Rowtor Rocks

Rowtor Rocks

Carved Armchairs, Rowtor Rocks

Zooming in on the Armchairs, Rowtor Rocks

Rowtor Rocks

Rowtor Rocks

View North from Rowtor Rocks

Stone Mast, Rowtor Rocks

Track to Rocking Stone Farm

Cratcliff Tor

Zooming in on Cratcliff Tor

Rock Climber above the Hermit's Cave

The Hermit's Cave, Cratcliff Tor

Rock Carving, Hermit's Cave, Cratcliff Tor

Cratcliff Tor

Cratcliff Tor

Cratcliff Tor

Cratcliff Tor

Rock Climber, Cratcliff Tor

Robin Hood's Stride

Zooming in on Robin Hood's Stride

Weathered Rock, Robin Hood's Stride

Robin Hood's Stride

Rock Pinnacle, Robin Hood's Stride

Robin Hood's Stride

Harthill Moor and Nine Stones Circle

Limestone Way, Round Wood


Bradwell's Cafe, Elton

There is a wealth of information on Rowtor Rocks, Cratcliff Tor and Robin Hood's Stride to be found on the internet. I have chosen not to provide any additional information here other than to caption the photographs. Here are some links to sites you might find of interest:

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Stanton Moor
The Megalithic Portal and Megalith Map

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